Hello pilots,

While waiting for the parts to arrive, I spent some time updating my FlyPT mover profile for DCS and customising a profile I found on the internet for car games, in this case Automobilista 2.

  • FlyPT Mover is a free software that transforms the game telemetry into speed/position of each cylinder. It is very complete and its creator has really done a great job for the whole sim community : website. I haven’t tested other software options that are not free.
Screenshot of flyptmover
Overview of the filters setting for DCS in FlyPT mover
  • The next part is between the PC and the motor controllers. There are several possibilities:
    • Arduino (I never tested it) : very cheap but you have to configure it yourself
    • Thanos controller (I used this for V1) : here
    • Motion4Sim controller : here

For V2 I used the M4S controller, the developer is very available and nice, the product allows a better resolution than the Thanos controller for the motors, and offers a remote control interface. The feedback from the community seems to be very good, so I’m going to test it ! Some pictures of the test setup, the controller and the remote interface below.

Image with Motion4sim control interface
Motor on the left and controller on the right
Motion4Sim controller and remote station with emergency stop

Testing with a single actuator on DCS and AMS2

And finally, the videos with the games in test, the evolution of the software and the engine! To be refined on the real platform. FlyPT allows you to see in real time the 3D rendering of the platform and to see if some spikes are at the end of their travel and to adjust filters, gains and other parameters directly. It’s really a great tool!

See you soon for the next adventures! Don’t hesitate to join us on discord to exchange between enthusiasts 🙂