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DIY 6DOF premium dynamic motion simulator kit for less than 10 000€ !!

Hello and welcome to my site! If you’re here, it’s because you’re interested in simulation and you’re probably thinking :

  • It’s nice, especially in VR, but it doesn’t move enough! I want to be in it 200% !
  • The commercial pro versions are inaccessible to the public in terms of cost.
  • Let’s see if there are any DIY dynamic motion simulator kits?
  • What does 6 DOF mean ? Degres Of Freedom : 3 rotations,3translations, we can’t do more.

Answer: YES! You are in the right place to access this dream at an affordable price. You need a little space and a minimum of DIY skills of course.

The dynamic motion simulator works on different games (you can switch from one mode to another quite easily, or choose only one):

  • Airplane/flying mode: DCS, FS2020, Aerofly, Xplane, War Thunder, Star Wars Squadrons …
  • Car/racing mode : Dirt Rally 2, Asseto Corsa, F1 20xx, Automobilista 2, Forza and many others…

Here are some pictures of this beautiful beast :

Rig in stop position (with 2cm on actuator to avoid injuries)
Waiting data from computer